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​About us

​Kemono Plus とは

Kemono Plus(ケモノプラス)とは、ケモノ着ぐるみを制作する工房です。


Plusには「加える意味」の"+"と、ラテン語で「さらに向こうへ」の意味の  "Plus Ultra"を掛けています。着ぐるみを通して日常にもっとケモノを+、



日々技術や素材の試行、研究に励む るる と かざきり が制作します。

Kemono Plus is a workshop that produces fursuits.

Plus is a combination of "+" meaning "to add", and a Latin phrase "Plus Ultra" meaning "to go further".

Through fursuit, we + (add) more kemono to daily life. We will bring you a new lifestyle that goes beyond "human" form to a "kemono" form.

Loulou and Kazakiri, who are constantly experimenting and researching techniques and materials, will create the works.




​Loulou (るる)



Creator of both two-dimensional works, such as illustrations and character designs, and three-dimensional works, such as fursuit.
Loulou has self-taught all about fursuit and created "Lulu".
With skills acquired through training and a stoic sense of beauty, Loulou works to faithfully express and reproduce character features exactly as they are designed.

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Kazakiri (かざきり)



An art student who works daily on Kazakiri's creations.
Kazakiri first encountered fursuit while in junior high school, and began creating.  Produced the first full suit, "Azami," during high school.
In the creation of fursuit, Kazakiri is particularly focused on the reproduction of body lines, and is constantly searching for and exploring the bodysuit.


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